Choosing The Right Home Based Internet Business

Opportunities to start your own business used to divide themselves into two basic classes. The opportunity was either a home based business, or you set up a brick-and-mortar business. For years, there was a core of home business standbys such as Avon, Tupperware, Fuller Brush, and Mary Kay. In those days, the men had jobs, and the women were looking for a way to make money part time. Gradually, as the work force expanded, other industries got the idea, and organizations such as Amsoil synthetic motor oils, began to make their appearances. Over time, and particularly with the rise of Amway, the home based business gained in apparent legitimacy and people from all walks of life began to chase the dream of, if not being filthy rich, then at least being able to fire their boss and work on their schedule.

Unfortunately, con artists and businesses that should have not been unleashed on an unsuspecting public got wind of this and realized that, to many people, the product or service provided was not as important as the chance to make money…lots of money!

Today, even well-meaning, well-governed companies with good or even excellent products sometimes use the lure of “easy money” as their main enticement into their particular home based business. This IS the lure that will attract many, and, in that it is so easy and they fell for it themselves, many who sign up with these companies also use the promise of potential wealth as their main claim to fame in the muddy waters of recruiting. They are not completely to blame for this. Obviously, they would not lean so heavily upon the claim if it was not successful in luring those who believe that picking the “right” home business will provide riches, if not fame, for them and their families.

With the advent of the internet, a whole new world, literally, of opportunities has come to light. All that was available before as a home business opportunity is now available as a home based internet business opportunity. While many of the old reliables have adapted and now have at least minimal online programs, the old scammers and border line businesses have ridden along with them. In fact, the internet now provides so many so-called, and real, business opportunities that finding an honest, genuine, reliable opportunity can seem daunting to the beginner.

Therefore, we are going to review a few points that someone hoping to start a home based internet business should consider.

1. Know thyself. Despite the claims, home businesses, worked in your pajamas as I am at this moment, require work and dedication. It is Sunday morning, and I have worked every day this week. Some days I only worked two hours, but I have committed every day this week to my home based internet business. The upside is that I worked less than 40 hours, I worked at home, I started and stopped when I felt like it, and I occasionally chose to work on things just because that’s what I felt like doing at the moment. Also, I have achieved a personal point in my online business activities that I can knock off for a few days without present business suffering. You will have to work to grow your business, especially at first, and if you are not willing to do the work…don’t start.

2. Know thyself part two. An important factor for success for many people is going to be how well they mesh with the business they have chosen to become involved with. The more knowledge of and interest in that business that you have within your being, the more likely you are to succeed. My first truly successful home based internet business came to fruition when I selected a product that I truly believed in, a company that I had respect for, a service that I knew something about, and which fulfilled one of my own needs so completely that I had no problem enthusiastically singing its praises to others.

Notice that “love of money” was not found it that list. Interestingly enough, when I first became involved in network marketing, internet marketing, and multi-level marketing, I failed miserably. In every instance, I had chosen business opportunities based on the excitement of greed and with a get-rich-quick mentality rather than with the excitement of being able to share a great opportunity and product with others who could use its benefits.

3. Know the industry. I got carried away in the last paragraph, and touched on this already. Still, this is an important point. Please understand, I do not mean to imply that you must be intimately knowledgeable in this area, but you cannot be totally ignorant either. It will be easier to assimilate knowledge if you already have at least SOME interest in, and awareness of, the company’s area of action. If, for example, you decide to sell a health related product but are not the least bit aware of, or interested in, your own health or that of other people, you are going to have difficulty succeeding.

On the other hand, if you encounter a product that you don’t know that much about, but it has worked well for you and it is obvious how the lives of others could be improved by the product or service, then you have a good start on the knowledge base you need. You will be able to promote THAT product with vim and vigor because you know how it works, and you know that it DOES work.

4. Know the company. Almost any reputable business which offers these types of business opportunities is going to ask for a payment of some kind. These payments may range from a few dollars to several hundred. Due to the wide range of companies involved and the differences in their support packages, it is difficult to compare one to the other. Some of these entitle you to various levels of support, a professionally designed website, promotional materials, or differing levels of potential income. This is NOT an unrealistic demand when you consider the expenses involved in dealing with all the inquiries and demand for support a good company might expect to receive from what is generally a large group of tire-kickers.

No offense intended, but most people who ask for information will not sign up, and only a few of those who sign up will actually get down to business and do the WORK necessary to grow their new home based internet business. As with anything that offers to take your money, YOU should take the time to find out if the company you are dealing with has a reputation for honesty and integrity. How long has it been in business? What kind of support and promotional materials can you expect to receive for your hard-earned money? Will you get a website? what does it look like? Will the website take orders for you? If I seem to be leaning heavily on the internet aspect, it is because a professionally designed website that does the selling and processes the orders can, by itself, be worth the money you pay the company to register for their services.

Just as an aside, even the best company-provided websites are often not very search engine friendly. Many new marketers take a look at their fantastic new site, submit the link to a few search engines and believe that’s the end of their internet marketing program. Even the most fully search engine optimized site will not be successful without some actual internet marketing going on in the background. Learning this side of the business is part of the homework you will have to assign yourself and complete if you desire to be successful. This goes back to item #1 above. If you are not willing to do the work, the work that MUST be done, will NOT be done. You are the owner, but you are also the staff, and you must assign your staff reality based missions, and your staff must satisfy the boss (you) by diligent performance. If you were not a good employee for someone else, you will possibly NOT be a good employee for yourself.

In the final analysis, we are all different, and there is no way that any one home based internet business opportunity will satisfy everyone. I know a man who became a millionaire with a multi-level marketing business. When I asked him if he was interested in joining me in a telecom opportunity (which I had joined because I wanted to make money), he declined, saying that he just did not enjoy working with those sorts of businesses and had never made any money them. In this instance, neither did I.

Look inside yourself and be true to who you are. Join yourself to an honest, reputable company that you understand and whose products you respect, and then get out there and work, and you have a chance to build a successful home based internet business.

Profitable Home Based Business Opportunities : First 6 Things to Consider

You’ve heard about all the money circulating around the internet today, and about the big and easy bucks all the gurus are bringing in from their online businesses. Now you can’t wait to find that single perfect online business opportunity for you that will help you rake in the same amount of cash, if not more. All you have to do is plug in a search term into Google, click on the first listed and probably best business opportunity, and you’re on the road to riches, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy! When you search for profitable home based business opportunities, you first have a few big things to consider.

One of the major things to think about is whether or not an online business is really for you. Are you the type of person that is always on the go, can’t sit still for any length of time, needs to be outside and active all the time, and are not an office person? If so, an online business may not be right for you. Sure there is new technology being developed all the time that allows you to be more mobile with your business, but you have to consider the fact that an online business takes time, energy, and effort over the long term, and that it requires spending hours in front of the computer, whether it’s a desktop or a notebook. You also have to be the kind of person who is willing to put those hours in, and who has the time to spend on it. If you are super busy and have a million things going on in your life, you can still have an online business, but you have to be organized enough to plan your time, and expect that if you only have so much time that your business will take longer to flourish.

The next big thing to consider is money. Every online business, whether you like it or not, is going to involve some start-up costs as well as long term maintenance and advertising costs. Sure there is fair warning all over the internet that you shouldn’t have to pay a cent to start a business and if you do, then it’s probably a scam. This is not necessarily true. If someone offers an online business for free, there are surely going to be other costs down the road to help build and maintain your business. If you think about starting a traditional offline business, you are looking at start-up costs around $2000-$5000, so why would you think an online business is any different? An online business may be cheaper to start than that, but eventually you will run into other expenses. When you are looking for profitable home based business opportunities, be aware that there are membership fees, advertising, and marketing costs involved and that you will have to make an investment. The way you can manage and maintain this is by being prepared. Set a budget for yourself that you can maintain over the long term and realize that you don’t have to buy everything that is suggested to you.

Next, you want to ask yourself what you want to sell on the internet. Do you want to sell a product or service, and how? If you sell products, do you want to handle them, ship them, and deal with credit cards and customers yourself? Or would you rather join a company as an affiliate and have them do all the work and deal with all the transactions for you? If you sell a service, such as website development, or an online dating service, how will you deal with your customers, and will you have to do some offline prospecting as a network marketer?

Once you’ve decided what you are going to sell on the internet and how, you venture online to search for profitable home based business opportunities that appeal to you. The best internet business is not necessarily the one in the number one position in Google. That website has just taken search engine optimization measures to ensure that their site is number one, or on the first few pages in Google. There are billions of sites out there that have to do with online business opportunities, so how do you find that perfect opportunity for you? One way is to get specific and find a smaller niche. For example, if you are a work-at-home mom, you can search for business opportunities specifically for moms. If you are a newbie to online business, you can search for businesses specifically for newbies.

Of course you always have to be on the lookout for scams, and there are many out there. Usually scams are filled with insane promises of instant wealth. You want to avoid these programs, and search for ones that don’t sound too good to be true. How do you know if a business is a scam? You can search the Better Business Bureau to find out a particular program’s reputation, or you can join discussion forums and ask questions about the business. Even better yet, you should find out how long the business has been in operation, and make sure there is someone you can contact in the business to ask questions directly. There should also be proof of income provided, and valid testimonials with contact information available. If you do your research, you will find out soon enough how reputable a company is.

Finally, you should make sure that lifetime support for your profitable home based business opportunity is provided. There should be mentoring and training available, as well as tools and resources that are provided to you for free as a bonus for being a member. Not everything is going to be free, but you should have a good look at what you will get for free, and make sure the support network is there, in terms of real people, and forum groups where you can get your questions answered.

Planning For Online Business Success

If you were to start up an offline business what is the first thing you would do? If you were to take an idea to a bank for financial assistance, what will the demand from you?

That’s right, a business plan.

You would have to create a business plan detailing everything about your business from competitor analysis to financial projections to staffing information to premises and stock information. All of this information is vital to know because otherwise how will you know if the business is going to be profitable? If you turn up to a bank asking for money without a comprehensive business plan then you will be quickly shown the door. A business plan is a vital component of any offline business.

Though when someone starts up an Internet business, a business plan is rarely produced.


Why the difference? Why create a business plan for an offline business yet not bother for an online business?

The simple reason is because of the amount of money involved. An offline business will typically require a significant capital investment from you, and possibly even from a financial institution. In order to determine if this investment is justified a comprehensive business plan is required to analyze the business to find out if it is profitable.

Typically, an online business requires less financial investment and for many people is not seen as a “proper” business. Many people start an Internet business in their spare time whilst in another job, and this contributes to the view that it is not a “proper” business.

As such, most people do not feel a need to create a business plan for their Internet business.

Unfortunately, these people are missing out a major key in their business success. They are left wondering why their business is not making money and why it is taking so long to succeed.

Without a business plan and significant research you have no idea whether your idea and product will make you money.

Having a business plan will help you to understand if your business will be profitable. It will also help you to remain focused on your business and work towards its success. Without a plan there is every risk that you will get sidetracked and focus on something else.

Your business plan will help you to speed up your journey to success and make your Internet business profitable and successful.

If you want to take a shortcut to Internet success then create a business plan and follow it through. Internet success is within anyone’s grasp with a good plan.